Wild Flower Honey with Ginseng - 500 grams

人参百花蜜 (500克)

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Wild Flower Honey with Ginseng - 500 grams


Unique and quality product comprised of 100% natural, raw and filtered wild flower honey and Pure-Ora Ginseng powder. Both the honey and ginseng are from Pa Harakeke, our eco-cultural centre and ginseng plantations adjacent to Pure-Ora Forest Park.   


Benefits: Provides a quick-digesting source of energy; Decrease the symptoms of seasonal allergies caused by the pollen; Assist boost the immune system; Help lower blood sugar levels; Support improve mental performance; Help reduce fatigue and boost endurance and strength; Assist relieve symptoms of menopause


Dosage: Two times a day. Take 2 spoons of honey with warm water before meal


Ingredients: Asian ginseng (0.5%) powder with wild flower honey (99.5%)


Size: 500g/Jar


Factory: Pure-Ora Mountain Ginseng (NZ) Ltd (23 King Street East, Te Kuiti; Phone: 07 878 7177; Email: maraeroa@maraeroac.co.nz)


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