Dr. Ho's vision: "Combo of deer and ginseng has a good future"


Pure-Ora News Dr. Ho Po Kin, a herbalist with over 20 years' experience in natural food industry and director of New Zealand Supreme Group of Companies well known for its deer related products and guided tour, visited our plantation Pa Harakeke on 1 May and had a constructive conversation with Glen Katu, CEO at Maraeroa C Inc and Pure-Ora Mountain Ginseng Ltd as well.


From the ginseng pre-processing workshop to Pa Harakeke plantations and the planting base of Chinese herbs in trial, during the four-hour visit, Dr. Ho and his deer factory manager, Roger Wang, had a broad understanding of the history of Pure-Ora ginseng planting and a deep insight into how wild Pure-Ora ginseng roots have been growing. 


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Dr. Ho (left one) is chekcing ginseng roots.


Dr. Ho carefully checked test reports about Pure-Ora ginseng ginsenosides and soil in Pa Harakeke and highly commended Pure-Ora ginseng on the variety of ginsenosides in abundance.


In the meantime, Dr. Ho offered cherished advice on how to improve the accuracy of the testing of amount of water in ginseng leaves and said he would like to share more information about the machine benefiting the measuring.


Dr. Ho told of his experience of working with Maori tribes and expressed his passion for collaborating with Maori companies and entrepreneurs to leverage all and sundry resources of multilateral business partners. 


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Glen shows Dr. Ho and Roger around plantations and Pureora-o-Kahu mountain.


"1 May is the first day of Labor Day and I am happy to mark the special day by experiencing the unique ginseng tour and ushering in the prospective collaboration with Maraeroa C," Dr. Ho said.


"Your brand has stories and your product is high quality. Given that the deer and ginseng products are a very good combination for health, I think we will have a good future if we have opportunity to work together."


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Dr. Ho offers advice on Pure-Ora's packaing.


In a parting talk Dr. Ho invited Glen Katu and management team to visit his deer factory based in Rotorua. Glen said he's looking forward to it and would set off in late June.


Glen said: "Rotorua is a popular tourism destination and is a good city to promote our Pure-Ora ginseng. Maraeroa C Inc and Supreme Natural Foods Ltd have a similar vision to contribute to the health care industry and to provide our natural and pured products for customers all over the world. So we expect to further our relationship and friendship with Supreme Natural Foods Ltd. "


Dr. Ho Po Kin has sound business networking in New Zealand and China. His business has been years in the natural food and tourism and he has a gourmet restaurant in Rotorua as well. Also Dr. Ho is Chairman of Rotorua Chinese Association (NZ), Chairman of NZ China Trade and Culture Exchange Centre Ltd and Patron of Rotorua Chinese Centre (NZ). 


至臻至纯 助力健康

Pure-Ora  产自新西兰的人参



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"NZ Governor-General enjoys Pure-Ora ginseng tea"


Pure-Ora News From film sets in Piopio to ginseng plantations in Pureora,Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy certainly made the most of her three-day tour of the King Country last week.


It began on Tuesday, with a powhiri at Te Kuiti Pa followed by visits to well-known locations such as the Otorohanga Kiwi House, Waitomo’s glowworm caves and the next day morning tea with Te Kuiti’s All Black brothers Sir Colin and Stan Meads.


Joined by her husband Sir David Gascoigne, the couple travelled to Piopio on Wednesday afternoon to visit Laver Marine Services and the Hairy Feet film set.


Maraeroa C chief executive Glen Katu says it was a privilege to host the Governor-General who left her mark by planting a matai tree at the site.


“It was a huge honour for our board and staff to welcome Dame Patsy to Pa Harakeke. We had a brief programme for her to participate in some activities and that included her and Sir David planting matai trees as part of our eco-offset tree planting project. They enjoyed the opportunity to leave a footprint on our Pa Harakeke site and they also had the opportunity to sample ginseng tea which was new for both of them.”


Dame Patsy planted a tree from Pa Harakeke's native tree nursery to help offset carbon emissions. Offical Facebook Page.jpg

GOVERNOR-General Dame Patsy Reddy planted a matai tree during her visit to Pa Harakeke.


The couple toured the site’s ginseng factory where they asked general questions about the rootand about how Pa Harakeke has benefitted from the popular Timber Trail cycle track.


“She [Dame Patsy] said she’d heard about Pureora Forest Park and the Timber Trail and that it was a privilege for her to come and visit and learn a little bit more about what we’re doing.”


In a parting message Dame Patsy said: “David and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the King Country – both the places we visited and the people we met.


“I’m looking forward to following the progress of the businesses and organisations we visited as they grow and go on to further success.”


by Todd Ward (11 April 2017)

on 13 April 2017


A whole lot easier access to Pure-Ora Mountain Ginseng plantation by April's end


Pure-Ora News Access to Pureora Forest Park – the scenic location of Waitomo tourist destinations Pa Harakeke and the Timber Trail – is going to be a whole lot easier by April's end.


Waitomo District Council (WDC) has started sealing Maraeroa Rd, which provides access to the park from SH30.


The council has been planning for work to be completed on the 1.5km stretch of road for more than a decade.


The New Zealand Transport Agency supported the council's funding application and the $817,000 project is expected to be completed in mid-April.


Mayor Brian Hanna says the project funding is an excellent result for WDC.


WAITOMO mayor Brian Hanna (left) and Maraeroa C Incorporation chief executive Glen Katu.JPG

WAITOMO mayor Brian Hanna (left) and Maraeroa C Incorporation chief executive Glen Katu agree that the sealing of Maraeroa Rd will have numerous benefits.


“The business case reflected that cycling is a high priority activity under the land transport policy, and there are contributing factors that highlighted road user safety concerns with Maraeroa Rd,” he says.


“The road is used by logging trucks and experiences slippery conditions in winter and dust in summer.


MARAEROA Rd will be sealed from the intersection with SH30 to Delaynes Corner..JPG

MARAEROA Rd will be sealed from the intersection with SH30 to Delaynes Corner.


“It is travelled by people who potentially have less experience in driving on these types of roads in a remote area.”


Maraeroa C Incorporation chief executive officer Glen Katu says the decision to seal Maraeroa Rd has been described as a "godsend" for businesses operating at Pureora.


The company owns 5500ha (13590.8ac) of forestry land at Pureora.


“Maraeroa C Incorporation, which was established in 1973, is grateful that funding has been committed to sealing Maraeroa Rd as the road is very busy now particularly during summer,”he says.


“Having a sealed road at Pureora is not a luxury, but a necessity due to increased visitor traffic not only from domestic but also overseas visitors.


“Pureora Mountain Ginseng also has a plantation and factory close to Maraeroa Rd, and there will be a welcome relief from the dust that is thrown up by vehicles using the road, covering the ginseng plants and the buildings.”


“The Timber Trail is fast becoming an icon in the district,” says Mr Katu.


“Pureora will soon be a major visitor destination with more than 10,000 people visiting to ride the 85km Timber Trail this season.”


by Waitomo News (21 March 2017)

on 13 April 2017


NZ Governor-General visits Pa Harakeke and says “keen to buy some real ginseng” 


Pure-Ora News Glen Katu, CEO of Maraeroa C Incorporation, and his Rereahu tribe members have welcomed New Zealand's Governor General in her first visit to the Maori company famous for its ginseng plantation and Timber Trail services.


Dame Patsy Reddy and her husband Sir David  David Gascoigne arrived in Pa Harakeke in the afternoon of Thursday 6 April as part of a three days trip to the King Country.


Gift exchange between Glen Katu and Patsy Reddy.


It was a special honour to have NZ Governor General in Pa Harakeke for Maraeroa C Incorporation which has been leveraging the resources to contribute to all shareholders of the company.


Patsy Reddy 's visit included a stunning welcome, a quick presentation given by Glen about the company's past, present and future, and a look at ginseng processing workshop. Her trip culminated in planting a Matai tree in the native tree nursey of Pa Harakeke to help offset the carbon emmission. Her tree is just three metres away from another Matai tree planted by John Key who visited Pa Harakeke as Prime Minister three years ago.


Patsy Reddy stands behind her Matai tree with a rainbow coming out specially.


Patsy Reddy extended her visit time frame from 50 minutes to 70 minutes and thanked Maraeroa C Incorporation and Rereahu tribe by emphasizing she was "keen to buy some real ginseng".


Members of Rereahu tribe are happy with Patsy Reddy and her husband.


by William Kuai 

on 10 April 2017